commands Package

commands Package

Command line tools for TiddlyWeb are accessed via the twanager script. Each command is named by the first argument passed to the script.

The commands defined in this package are added to a list of available commands using the twanager plugin mechanism. That list is extensible via twanager_plugins in tiddlyweb.config and tiddlyweb.manage.make_command().

Typical commands do things like starting a server, creating a user and listing existing entities.


Establish the commands during twanager startup.

interact Module

This module provides a twanager command interact which provides a Python shell preloaded with the necessary local variables to interact with the current instance’s store and the entities within. The locals are:

These are enough to do most operations.

class tiddlyweb.commands.interact.TabCompleter(namespace=None)

Bases: rlcompleter.Completer

Tab completion for the interactive shell that allows pressing the tab character to indicate an indent.

complete(text, state)

Complete the provided text. If there is no text, indent.

class tiddlyweb.commands.interact.TiddlyWebREPL(locals=None, filename='<console>')

Bases: code.InteractiveConsole

An interactive console for the current TiddlyWeb instance.

This augments it’s super class by adding tab completion and establishing a set of useful local variables.

tiddlyweb.commands.interact.launch_shell(config, store, args)

Establish the basic environment for the shell and then start it.